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About Us

I started out jamming with Ciara ( flute ) and Rowan ( percussion ) around some songs I had written, and we evolved into ‘Vic’s Vision’. The title showed up as a name of a song on Spotify while out for a run. I was wondering if I was being spoken to.

It works on a few different levels. For a start, it helps get me out of my comfort zone, with my name blatantly being in it. A way of transcending any doubts & or insecurities.


Some of the songs we're playing have been waiting since 2005 to be heard by the amazing conscious community that has grown in Belfast over recent years. For that reason, I am personally excited!

Also, because of the fun and deep connection the 3 of us have created together jamming these songs, we are all very excited!


A friend once told me a songwriter, through lyrics, is sharing his personal diary for all to hear. So, from another point of view, I guess I'm just sharing how a part of me views reality & life. Often, the advice we give others is what we need to hear ourselves. So, I'm well aware that there are still parts of me, like there are of you, who need to hear some of the words I'm singing.

I'm hoping that through my music & lyrics, I'm helping us all to change our perspective & evolve into the best version of ourselves.

Sunday 7 April

3 - 4:30pm

Body Conscious Studio

71 Botanic Ave


Bt7 1JL

Pre-book £10  ( non - refundable )


Pre-booking ends 3pm Sat 6 April

£13 door addmission ( cash in correct change, no cards )

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