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What is Bio-Energy? : Bio-Energy is the name of the electricity that flows through our brains and bodies (medical professionals have used electroencephalograms (EEG) on a patient’s brain to check their electrical activity and electrocardiograms (ECG) in their heart to check it’s beat) and if it is flowing through all the correct channels in a person or animal they are healthy and if it is not this correlates with their illness.                                    What does a Bio-Energy therapist do? : Some professionals have used the approach of getting in contact with this energy by putting pressure on points in a person’s feet using their thumbs. Others have also worked with the energy through points in the back using needles. A Bio Energy Practitioner’s job is to unblock the energy and correct it’s flow, cutting out the middle man by working directly on the energy (the primary source) using their hands an inch outside their body creating an arch of electrical contact (like a spark plug on a car it only works with that inch apart instead of physical contact). This is why it is so effective, gets great results and is accessible for people who are uncomfortable being touched or for dogs or other animals.

What happens when this flow is redirected?

When a Bio-energy therapist redirects the flow this in turn speeds up the natural regeneration, heightens the immune system and encourages the body to manipulate itself if/when it is ready. It is a full MOT check for everyone and anyone! Click Testimonials above to read positive feedback!

I have worked one on one with adults, children, babies and dogs helping their bodies heal naturally through working on the electro-magnetic field (known as energy). When someone has any type of physical, psychological or emotional health issue it correlates with blockages in the energy field. My job is to clear out the blockages helping it flow more naturally. This in turn boosts the immune system, speeds up the natural regeneration, encourages the circulation, encourages the bone structure to manipulate itself if/when it is ready to do so, strengthens the bones, tissue, organs and muscles, releases the drugs naturally through the system, eases, releases and balances emotions and balances the hemisphere of the mind.

Scientific Discoveries: The human body is comprised of bone, organs and tissue with Trillions of cells (average human 37.2) making up our organs, skeletal system and body parts. We also have this life force field of energy pulsing not only through our nervous system but throughout every cell that forms our overall organism. The science of Newtonian physics believed everything on earth to be physical including all living things. Then in the 18/1900s came discoveries that there is an existence so much smaller than the cells in our bodies or in the atoms or quarks in the universe that it is non-material yet very alive and fluent. This more recent science known as Quantum Physics was introduced when they named this discovery of universal electricity “Energy”. This electro-magnetic field is the primary source that carries information through our bodies (like the way electricity is carried from a plug socket to a lamp to light it) and when it is encouraged to flow correctly it helps the physical (including emotional & psychological) body do what it naturally wants to do with the most efficiency. The chords that the energy flows through in the energy body are known as meridian lines which correlate with the blood flow of the body. This is why the in martial arts of Tai Chi in China they have a saying  “Where the qi/chi (energy) goes the blood flows.”

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