Victor Tyrrell

On the 9th March  2005 I achieved a certificate (see copy below) for my Diploma in Bio-Energy Healing at Raheny in Dublin where I was taught by Michael Dalton at his Bio-Energy Healing training school. Since then I have been working as a practitioner one on one with adults, children, babies and dogs and sometimes with groups to help as many people/animals as I can.

Keep scrolling down to hear the story of why I took up this profession.

Why did I train in Bio-Energy Healing?

For any of you out there who have been suffering from chronic pain or back pain who have desperately tried everything for years begging for pain relief and anxiety relief who seek natural help through alternative therapy look no further. When it comes to alternative therapy I am living proof of how effective and powerful Bio-Energy Healing is! Every day for the first half of a 6 year period I suffered constant lower back pain and sciatica. As if the lower back pain wasn’t energy draining enough to add to it on the second half of those 6 years I started to suffer daily from neck pain. The neck pain reached to the top of my head. It also reached down to my shoulder, down my left arm to my hand. So much so I could feel it in all those places when I texted a message on my phone! You can imagine how much anxiety relief was also needed by then!

I originally went to the doctor to get help and was given 4 different types of pain killers over a few years but never received any pain relief. This correlated with terrible trouble sleeping along with chronic fatigue. My digestive system was also having a lot of trouble assimilating food.

Around every corner these days you can find an alternative therapy and there are many therapists that do their best to help ease back pain and many types of chronic pain and before I found Bio-Energy Healing boy did I try a lot! (Little did I know back then that anxiety relief and pain relief are two sides of the same coin)

Over those years I was snapped, crackled, popped, poked and prodded by every hands on alternative therapy I could find! And I didn’t just go once or twice I stuck with them weekly for months. For the first few years at the most I would feel a slight bit of pain relief from the lower back pain for a couple of days before it just went back to what felt by then its normal chronic pain condition. I remember after one particular appointment I could feel certain physical manipulations giving me such short term pain relief that I could feel them slipping back out on the way home!

Every alternative therapy I had tried thus far giving me no pain relief, anxiety relief or any positive results whatsoever was starting to make me lose hope. I was starting to think there was no alternative therapy left to try.

This all happened from the early age of 19 to 25/26. Back then the medical profession didn’t know what was causing the lower back pain or the sciatica. When I showed up with the neck pain, or more accurately the neck/head/upper back/shoulder/arm/hand pain they said that they didn’t know what caused it but that it was completely separate from the lower back pain and sciatica.

For a number of years now I have helped many with the same physical symptoms who were given a labelled diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

I was also given diazepam for anxiety relief which helped it and the physical pain short term before it got worse.

Even though I had no faith in it whatsoever (as I said to the therapist at the time) Bio-Energy Healing was the only treatment that gave me noticeable pain relief, even after the first session. Not just from the physical pain relief either. I also had such anxiety relief to the extent where I felt very calm.

After another 4 sessions of Bio-Energy Healing over a few weeks the progress of my overall health was phenomenal! The lower back pain, the neck pain along with the other lists of pains were almost already completely non-existent! And the anxiety relief that led to that lovely calm feeling stayed too. I found my alternative therapy!

I was so impressed after that first session of Bio-Energy Healing that I immediately asked the therapist with excitement “Where did you learn that!?” and the rest of the story has led to me now having the privilege of helping many others with similar conditions.

If you are reading this I hope I am blessed with the privilege of helping you.