Victor Tyrrell

Why did I train in Bio-Energy Healing?

Every day for the first half of a 6 year period I suffered constant lower back pain and sciatica. As if the lower back pain wasn’t energy draining enough, to add to it on the second half of those 6 years, I started to suffer daily from neck pain. The neck pain reached to the top of my head. It also reached down to my shoulder, down my left arm to my hand. So much so I could feel it in all those places when I texted a message on my phone! You can imagine how much anxiety relief was also needed by then!

For years I was snapped, crackled, popped, poked and prodded by every hands on treatment I could find! But nothing seemed to work. Until this! Which is why, immediately after my first treatment I excitedly asked the Practitioner “Where did you learn this?!”

On the 9th March 2005 I achieved a certificate (see copy below) for my Diploma in Bio-Energy Healing at Raheny in Dublin where I was taught by Michael Dalton at his Bio-Energy Healing training school. Since then I have been working as a Practitioner one on one with adults, children, babies and dogs and sometimes with groups to help as many people/animals as I can.