Victor Tyrrell

On the 9th March  2005 I achieved a certificate (see copy below) for my Diploma in Bio-Energy therapy at Raheny in Dublin where I was taught by Michael Dalton at his training school. Since then I have been working as a practitioner one on one with adults, children, babies and dogs and sometimes with groups to help as many people/animals as I can.

Why did I train in this practice?

For any of you out there who have been suffering from chronic pain I am living proof of how effective this therapy is. For approximately 6 years I was in pain every day and was snapped, crackled, popped, poked and prodded by every hands on therapy I could find! For the first 3 yrs I had sciatica and lower back pain then to add to that for an extra 3 years I had a pain from a point on my upper back to my left shoulder reaching down my arm and also up my neck to a point at the back of my head at the top left. I also had terrible trouble sleeping and was badly fatigued. This all happened from the age of 19 to 25/26. Back then the medical profession didn’t no what it was or how to help it but for a number of years now I have helped many with the same symptoms who were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Even though I had no faith in it whatsoever ( as I said to the therapist at the time ), Bio Energy therapy was the only treatment that gave me noticeable relief, even after the first session.