Anne Do

I recently went for a bio-energy session with Victor to treat a sore throat and tiredness. I had been a couple of times before and found the experience cleansing and restoring. But this time I was taken by surprise as an early recollection that I could hardly remember came up and was cleared out. Victor lead me through this episode of trauma with great calm and I emerged utterly surprised and feeling lighter.
In a few days my throat cleared up. It is as if I am emerging from a tunnel. I now realize that I have been through a profound experience which is much deeper than the symptoms which first lead me to seek help. I feel as if something that tied me down is loose. A part of me has been freed up . All thanks to Victor's skill as a practitioner.
Our dog also benefited from bio-energy when Victor gave her a treatment. She had hurt one of her front legs and was limping. Afterwards she slept for a long time and then got up, limp gone. We are both very grateful. Thank you, Victor.

Julie Wh

My dog Charlie was very sick, lame and diagnosed with cancer in his knee. He was on two tramadol a day and struggled to walk more than a few yards without taking a break. I had to carry him home from the park because he couldn't make the hill. I'd known Victor, Julie and Poppy from the park but had no idea Victor did bio-energy work. I was delighted when victor agreed to treat Charlie. The results were almost immediate. So much so, I was able to wean Charlie off the tramadol during the course of the treatments victor was coming to do on him. He is back to full walks, med free and running about the house like a pup. He can now get up and down stairs and on the sofa again. More importantly, he is happy and comfortable. Charlie is due follow up X-rays within the next few weeks and I'll post an update on this. Thank you so much Victor. Me and the kids are absolutely blown away by the improvement in Charlie.

Cathy Cr

Received an amazing Bio -energy treatment from Victor this week and am feeling relaxed, grounded and balanced. The Tendinitis in my hand is on the mend and is less painful now. I recommend this treatment as a great way to prepare yourself for the Christmas challenges as well as helping to ease pain. Victor is so insightful and really helped me to put things in perspective. Looking forward to my next treatment.

Anne L

Hi Victor, the treatment I received yesterday really helped - not just with my cold. It helped loosen up the tension and worry I've been feeling for a long time. I didn't know what to expect as it was the first time I had tried bio-energy. But there was nothing to worry about. It was all so simple and serene. I really felt I was in a space where I could get in touch with myself and breathe more easily. I'll be back. Thank you so much

Tessa A

Received 4 fantastic sessions this month from Victor at Bio-Energy Belfast and a pain which I've had in my shoulder for over 2 years has now gone. For me this is a chance to work with vibration in a different way. Victor also has a great energy, which is also an important part of the treatment. Thank you so much Victor. Tessa : )

Clair Sm

Thanks for looking after me for the past few days. I feel less stressed and ready for the holidays xxx enjoy.

Well it's been over a week since Victor saw me and provided some treatment to help ground me and reduce some energy related to my vertigo. I am still feeling grounded and was able to enjoy the holidays taking his advice to relax and get out on many walks. Thanks Victor 

Jill Wh

Well, anyone who knows me, will know that I am rarely at a loss for words....but there just aren't enough words to express the amazing results I have witnessed, and am currently witnessing, at the hands of Victor!
Before Christmas my 8 year old daughter was suffering from a chronic cough, which was not responding to other treatments. She had not managed to sleep through the night for over 4 weeks, and was really beginning to struggle.
Victor had been recommended to me by a friend and I decided, two days before Christmas, to give Victor a call, to see if he thought he could help....and help he did!!
We were very lucky, as Victor was able to fit us in that afternoon.
It was absolutley amazing to watch Victor work, and within a few hours of treatment I could see an improvement in my daughter, and that night, she slept through the night for the first time in weeks - just in time for Santa coming!
I cannot recommend Bio-Energy Therapy highly enough, and in fact, I have been doing just that to my friends and family ever since! Several of them have begun treatment with Victor in the last two weeks and are experiencing life-changing results already (and that is no exaggeration!).
If you are considering Bio-Energy Therpay, my advice would be to go for it! You won't regret it!

Orla Wa

Hey Victor, I just want to say a big thank you. Since you treated me back in December, my knee pain has cleared up:) also, and completely unexpectedly, It sorted out my menstrual cycle! I didn't know what to expect from the session, but I found the whole experience to be very detoxifying both physically and emotionally. I'll be sending others your way for sure.

Shelly Bu

I have personally been to many healing practitioners and dabbled with many different healing modalities, however nothing has came close to being as powerful as this experience with bio-energy healing, i felt immediate effect, i instantly felt lighter, brighter and energized, more grounded and like "me" again almost instantly. I cannot state in words how beneficial this is and has been for me. The energy from victor and in his healing room are truly from a different world. Very refreshing to see and experience something that works  i will be shouting this guys name from the roof tops "you heard it here first" AMAZING

Helen Ki

Thank you Victor for the recent course of Bio-Energy treatments. Having the sessions with you was a great opportunity to detox and give myself a boost on all levels. I highly recommend as I'm feeling energised and peaceful after the treatments

Deidre Cu

After taking the intensive 4 day course with Victor this week I am very happy to recommend his treatments - my shoulder pain and mobility is easier and my troublesome stomach difficulties have improved. He is a calm and intuitive practitioner and I felt safe and looked after at every stage. Not only do I feel benefit with my physical ailments I feel calm and centred for once! Thanks to Vic and therapy dog Poppy

John Da

Just want to say thank you to Victor Tyrrell. Over the past few weeks I have finally got around to beginning my mindfulness sessions. People have recommended this to me for a long time!I own a business and have a busy busy family life and I am constantly running at 150%.Thanks to Victor I am beginning to learn how to focus on stillness, calmness, positivity and forgiveness. Massive achievement to enable me to do this.I’m calmer, more reflective and lighter in mood. It’s opened the doors to other forms of reflectiveness too. Everyone needs to spend time being selfish to restore themselves.Victor is friendly, informed, professional and passionate and it’s infectious.If you can create the opportunity for yourself to take an hour out of the time you probably think you don’t have then I can’t recommend Victor enough:-)

Nicola St

Absolutely recommend victors 4 day course, he\s cleared me of daily headaches I've been suffering for the past year for which I very much thank him for. Very talented healing hands!

Aaron Ca

I came to see Victor due to having a problem with my shoulder and upper back, a problem that has persisted for many years. I have tried different solutions all that provided short term relief but nothing long term. I have just finished a four session intensive program and I am amazed the difference it has made physically. My shoulder feels much looser and I also feel generally lighter. It has helped bring up other areas that required healing that I had not initially come to Victor for. I would highly recommend the treatment program.

Ruth Do

I went to see Victor after reading all the testimonials on his web page from people who had experienced quantum shifts from various chronic health conditions and pain from injuries etc. I had hurt my back, quite badly; at least enough to cause significant pain and limited movement. I had five sessions in one week and besides my back pain being almost completely down to zero, and my freedom of movement returned by the end of the treatments, I was also experiencing a sense of profound well-being and positive expansive energy that I haven’t experienced in quite some time. It felt quite miraculous, so thank you Victor. I can attest to the power of this healing modality and Victors ability as a healer and the wisdom, support & encouragement that he shares.

Mandy R

After just two sessions I can feel a real change taking place within my body and mind.\r\nI came to see Vic after suffering for nearly 9 months with severe RSI my right arm and hand were getting to be more of a hindrance than a help!!! After my first session I got the first relief I'd had in months plus I felt great! Session two more improvements but with my overall outlook and just generally feeling better within myself not to mention sleeping through the night which I've not been able to do for such a long time. Session three tomorrow.\r\nI had a steroid injection booked for tomorrow but that's cancelled why put foreign chemicals into my body when Bio Energy treatments with Vic can help me make my own:-) I'm so glad I started Yoga with Victor's wife Julie as that's not only improving my body and mind but it led me to Bio Energy too!

Angelique Co

It's pretty simple, GO TO VICTOR. What he does is magic.

Pete Sm

Just want to say thank you Victor. My back is wonderful. The pain relief that i experienced after the first treatment is still with me now. For anyone considering this treatment I say go for it. My doctor told me that i would need at least six weeks complete rest to get some relief. But after one treatment my pain receded to almost nothing. The pain returned slightly but then my second treatment removed it completely . I'm still pain free after two months. Thanks again Victor.

Karen Co

Feeling amazing and pain free after an hour long session with Victor yesterday. That man is magic!!!! Forget the spa visits, get to Victor - a much better investment in self and health!

Jill Pi

Just had a bio-energy healing session from this amazing guy. what an experience. I have been suffering with much pain and stress and this treatment has brought about much relief. i have had other therapies in the past but this really works. Would thoroughly recommend.


I have had back problems for years due to work, sports injuries and general wear and tear. Victor was recommended to me by a friend. So one day when I was in some pretty bad pain I rang and made an appointment. I arrived and Victor talked me through the procedure. After the first session I noticed a vast improvement in my pain levels and was pretty much back to normal. After some more sessions I'm now moving around and working as if I never had any pain at all. I would recommend (and have done so) visiting Victor for bio energy healing to all out there.

Saz Do

I have fibromyalgia and during my first trimester of pregnancy the symptoms of this were so heightened I could hardly get out of bed which caused me great stress and frustration along with the hormonal changes that were occurring during that first stage of pregnancy. I had 3/4 sessions with Victor and felt much more relaxed, energised and less stressed. I give birth to the most chilled out and relaxed baby. ( I don't know whether the treatments had anything to do with it, but feel they may have contributed) I feel the treatments are very modestly priced and affordable to everyone even those on a budget. Victor was very genuine & down to earth and really made me feel at ease. I would def recommend bio-energy.

Anne W

I heard about Victor through a friend who had really been helped by him. I decided to give Fast Healing a try as I had a lot of shoulder pain. After one session the pain had eased. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jill Pr

Victor thank you so much for treating me today. I have had so much pain in my shoulder the last few days. I could physically feel the pain leave my body, and now an hour after treatment i feel such a lightness in my whole upper back. Anyone who has any pain should go to. I promise you have nothing to lose but the pain. Thank you x


I managed to break my leg near the ankle over the summer. Before starting physio I was recommended to Bio-Energy Belfast to receive treatment from Victor. I have an open mind on these therapies. Having now started the sessions I am totally convinced that it is having a positive and healing effect on my body. After only a couple of days there is a notable decrease in my swollen ankle. Victor is extremely professional and informative throughout the therapy. Highly recommended!

Carol Sh

Feels like unravelling a ball of wool, one knot at a time. Leaves you feeling lighter brighter and more refreshed.

Linda Bu

Victor, thanks for sorting out my knee. After two months of pain when running and an unsuccessful visit to the physio I wasn't sure what was going to help it. But one session with you has done the trick and it's as good as new. Thanks!

Rosemary McN

In Nov my dog Eddie developed a histiocytoma on his paw. It's a benign tumor of histamine cells that usually goes away by itself after a number of months. Eddie has a dodgy immune system leading to many allergies, that we're trying to heal naturally. I started Eddie on Glacial Holistic Inflapotion supplement. A couple of weeks later he developed another tumor on his chin. We booked Victor in Dec.\ After one session Eddie's tumor went from marble shaped to basically flat. By the time Victor had finished his sessions with Eddie in a couple of weeks it was completely gone! The vet said Eddie must have the best immune system as she'd never seen a histiocytoma leave so fast.

Liz Do

I'd a mild pain in my knee this morning, but when I popped in to see Victor today with some left over vegan cake from my weekend at St Georges market and since I have a bit of a head cold he gave me a quick burst of bio energy while I was there. I feel so much better than I did this morning, like amazingly so - thanks Vic.

Jai U

How's it going brother? You REALLY helped me down at Sivananda Ashram.... My neck was killing me and you did these weird dance-like movements around me and literally pulled out the pain. It hasn't hurt since!!!! Sending love and gratitude.

Ann Ha

Victor, thank you for the treatment. I really noticed a big change in my energy levels after just one session. As a result of attending the sessions, I enjoy an improvement in my general health. I would highly recommend Victor and this treatment to help balance your body. My immune system was completely shattered and i was exhausted after ongoing health problems and this treatment has really worked, thank you.

Harry C

Hi Victor, thank you so much for the bio energy treatment that you did with baby Harry. The steroid cream and the eczema lotions were not helping at all and his skin was looking so sore and raw. However, two days after you treated him his skin got really bad and then completely cleared up, just like you said it would. He is in great form and people keep commenting on how good his skin looks! Thank you.

Julia Be

Following a bad flu 30 years ago I had to give up work due to sever fatigue, exhaustion, pain and nausea. I'm largely bed bound and housebound. I've tried every therapy I can think of over the years but had given up. However, my daughter found Victor and despite being highly sceptical (sorry!) I went to see him. I've was amazed and delighted how my pain and weakness/fatigue had eased considerably after just a few sessions. I'd recommend Victor to anyone who's struggling with pain or exhaustion. Thanks more than I can say Victor. I have hope for the first time in many years!