This page is to inform you that I am in strict collaboration with the General Data Protection Regulations of May 2018 and that if you come to me for an appointment for a Bio-Energy session any information you give me will only be kept hand written, held strictly confidential and stored for a maximum of 7 years. The only information I may ask you for that would also be kept digitally would be your email address and phone number so that I can keep in contact with you for which I will ask you for your signed consent.  The reasons I may ask for these details are as follows

  • To remind you of appointments
  • To ask you how your health is improving since your treatment
  • To inform you of any one on one offers of Bio-Energy therapy there may be                                        To invite you to….
  • Group healing sessions
  • Therapeutic musical group sessions involving chanting sounds that help soothe and heal the central nervous system.
  • Health and Wellness retreats.
  • Events with music and songs with inspiring lyrics.
  • Other events that encourage, create and maintain natural health and well being.
  • I also may ask for these details so that I can give you information of progress that others are accomplishing that may be helpful for your journey to good health and well being.
    If you consent your details will be kept confidential and will be locked securely in a fire proof case (along with your other handwritten info) of which only I have the means of opening. Your details may also be kept on email accounts for which only I have the passwords. Any devices I work with such as laptops, tablets or phones will also have pin number locks that only I know. If you have given me your details you are welcome to change your mind and ask me to delete them at any time by contacting me through email or phone (address and number is on this site). For those who consent I will be contacting you on January of each year through email or phone text to ask if you wish to continue to allow me to keep your details for another year unless you inform me otherwise.

    In the event of there being any complaints you need to make about this policy please contact