“Following a bad flu 30 years ago I had to give up work due to sever fatigue, exhaustion, pain
and nausea. I was largely bed bound and housebound. I’ve tried every therapy I can think of over
the years but had given up. However, my daughter found Victor and despite being highly
skeptical about Bio-Energy Healing (sorry!) I went to see him. I’ve been amazed and delighted that my pain and
weakness/fatigue has eased considerably after just a few sessions. I”ve now recommend Victor to
anyone who’s struggling with pain or exhaustion. Thanks more than I can say Victor. I have
hope for the first time in many years!”    Julia Bensin

“I have had back problems for years due to work, sports injuries and general wear and tear. Victor was recommended to me by a friend. So one day when I was in some pretty bad pain I rang and made an appointment. I arrived and Victor talked me through the procedure. After the first session I noticed a vast improvement in my pain levels and was pretty much back to
normal. After some more sessions I’m now moving around and working as if I never had any pain at all! I would recommend (and have done so) visiting Victor for some Bio energy Healing to all
out there.”   Peter

It’s wonderful to find a therapist who is not only brilliant at his craft, but is totally authentic, tuned in, compassionate, and walks the talk. Thank you Victor for seeing me at such short notice when my back was screaming at me! It felt like you gave my energy a Spring clean! Highly recommend Victor’s Bio-Energy Healing 🌟 Steph Moles

“I went to see Victor for some Bio-Energy Healing after reading all the testimonials on his web page from people who had experienced quantum shifts from various chronic health conditions and pain from injuries etc. I had hurt my back, quite badly; at least enough to cause significant pain and limited movement. I had five sessions in one week and besides my back pain being almost completely down to zero, and my freedom of movement returned by the end of the treatments, I was also experiencing a
sense of profound well-being and positive expansive energy that I haven’t experienced in quite some time. It felt quite miraculous, so thank you Victor. I can attest to the power of Bio-Energy Healing and particularly to Victor’s ability as a healer and the wisdom, support & encouragement that he shares.” Ruth Donald

“I received an amazing Bio -Energy Healing treatment from Victor this week and am feeling relaxed, grounded and balanced. The Tendinitis in my hand is on the mend and is less painful now. I recommend this treatment as a great way to prepare yourself for challenges as well as helping
to ease pain. Victor is so insightful and really helped me to put things in perspective. He also helped contribute to my healing from breast cancer a few years ago thanks to the strength of his 4-session Bio-Energy Healing course.  Looking forward to my next treatment”. Cathy Crawford

“I managed to break my leg near the ankle over the summer. Before starting physio I was recommended to go and see Victor for some Bio-Energy Healing. I have an open mind on these therapies.  After only a couple of days there was a noticeable decrease
in my swollen ankle. Victor is extremely professional and informative throughout the therapy.
Highly recommended! Shaun Fraser

“Hi Victor, the treatment I received yesterday really helped – not just with my cold. It helped loosen up the tension and worry I’ve been feeling for a long time. I didn’t know what to expect as
it was the first time I had tried Bio-Energy Healing. But there was nothing to worry about. It was all so simple and serene. I really felt I was in a space where I could get in touch with myself and breathe more easily. I’ll be back. Thank you so much.” Anne Lovett

“Just want to say thank you Victor. My back is wonderful. The pain relief that i experienced after the first Bio-Energy Healing treatment is still with me now. For anyone considering this treatment I say go for it!
My doctor told me that I would need at least six weeks complete rest to get some relief. But after one treatment my pain receded to almost nothing! The pain returned slightly but then my second treatment removed it completely! I’m still pain free after two months. Thanks again Victor.” Pete Smart

“Received 4 fantastic Bio-Energy Healing sessions this month from Victor at and a pain which I’ve had in my shoulder for over 2 years has now gone. For me this is a chance to work with vibration in a different way. Victor also has a great energy, which is also an important part of the
treatment. Thank you so much Victor.” 🙂 Tessa Greer

“I came to see Victor for some Bio-Energy Healing to help ground me and reduce my vertigo, which thankfully it did. I am still feeling grounded and have taken his advice to relax and get out on many walks. Thanks Victor Tyrrell!” Claire Smart

“Victor, thank you for the Bio-Energy Healing treatment. I really noticed a big change in my energy levels after just one session! As a result of attending the sessions, I enjoy an improvement in my general
health. I would highly recommend Victor and this treatment to help balance your body. My immune system was completely shattered and i was exhausted after ongoing health problems and this treatment has really worked, thank you.”Ann Hagan

“Hey Vic,
How’s it going brother?
You REALLY helped me down at Sivananda Ashram…. My neck was killing me and you did
these weird dance-like movements around me and literally pulled out the pain. It hasn’t hurt
Sending love and gratitude,”Jai Uttal

The science of quantum physics says we are all connected by an energy field no matter where we are!

Bio-Energy Healing Testimonials with Distant Healing Technique

“This was my first Distant Healing session after having some great experiences in the flesh with Victor’s Bio-Energy. Beforehand I was slightly anxious that not much would happen, but I need not have worried because I could feel Victor in the room with me working his magic, sending love and deep healing. Even though afterwards I felt mentally lighter I had to lie down for half an hr as I felt physically tired. After the rest I felt great”.


“Wow! Distant Healing Bio-Energy!

I’ve had Bio-energy Healing sessions with Vic over the years but this was my first Distant Healing session. I suffer from ME/CFS and a mental illness, Vic always helps both of these. I was excited to be able to avail of Vic without having to drive to see him. But I was nervous that I might not feel anything.
I had no need to be nervous, it was amazing- I think I even felt it more than I would’ve with a one on one Bio-Energy Healing session! I was out walking the dog Eddie when it was time for my Distant Healing and I planned to sit on a bench for the it but I was late and could actually feel the energy changing in my legs as I walked towards the bench. I had joyous birdsong and a lovely view over Belvoir forest so it was almost a forest bath at the same time – perfect. 😁
I could feel the energy moving in different parts of my body as I assumed Vic was concentrating on different parts. There were even times during the Distant Healing when I felt the need to do big exhalations – like I was releasing the negative stuck energy.
By the time it was over I felt much lighter in my entire body and extremely happy. Eddie and I strolled home and these feelings continued for the rest of the evening. The next day I was tired but still feeling lighter in my body, in my emotions and in my mood, I still do. I definitely recommend Vic’s Distant Healing Bio-Energy whatever your needs.”

Rosemary McNicholl