Distant Healing

Distant Healing starts with yourself

To be there for yourself by being honest about how you feel while at the same time being less attached to it, keeping a distance. To be a loving & supportive parent to yourself as if you are looking upon someone else. To give yourself the discipline you need when you need it but always from a tender loving intention. To give yourself a push one moment then in the next encourage yourself to lie down and rest. To forgive yourself every time you get it the wrong way round. This is the first and foremost form of Distant Healing.

It is also important to have the courage to ask for help. To know the importance in investing in yourself. I was taught a Distant Healing technique 15 years ago and thanks to spending those years practicing it on clients and myself I have been privileged to be in the position to offer Distant Healing to others during one of the most challenging times in human history when it has often been advised to keep a distance. To enjoy it the most & receive the full benefit I often recommend that the receiver sits quietly at the specific 30 or 60 minutes in their home while I perform it form mine. Due to the constant work I do on myself my connection has gotten stronger and the feedback even more positive.

I am currently treating one on one sessions of Bio-Energy Healing (wearing a mask of course) but for those of you out there that prefer to keep a distance I offer Distant Healing to you. In the meantime keep practicing Distant Healing on yourself.                Stay well xXx

The Scientific Discoveries of why Distant Healing works

Many shamans in tribes have practiced Distant Healing for thousands of years. The science of Quantum Physics in modern times has begun to discover the reality of how it works.

Apparently the science of Quantum physics discovered that before The Big Bang everything in the universe was in a small space in a very high temperature. Then the explosion spread everything out further apart from each other.  What they have learned is that everyone has an electricity flowing through them known as the Bio-Energy field.

They learned that everything that used to have a physical connection still has a connection through this energy field.