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Does Victor, through using Bio-Energy Healing techniques get results?

Ask Charlie:

Still Alive 7 years after cancer diagnosis!

Julie White’s dog Charlie had cancer in the knee & was supposed to be dead in a few weeks!

7 years on

Julie said -:

“I thought I was going to have to get Charlie put to sleep the week after the vet’s diagnosis. When I met Victor I booked some Bio-Energy Treatment to help ease his transition. To help him die peacefully.

Instead, he just kept getting better!

Charlie was on 3 tramadol per day & anti-inflammatories to help with the pain!

He could not put weight on his paw.

On his second week when I saw some improvement I started reducing his dose.

By his third week of treatment I took him off all medication, he was able to to put weight on his paw again and he was pain free!

A couple of weeks after that he was running around like a pup!

7 years later, he still is!”

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“Can highly recommend Bio Energy! I have been suffering with a lumbar problem for several months and taking 6+ painkillers per day so thought I’d give it a go . Had my first session 3 days ago and can truthfully say I have not had to resort to any medication since then. I could hardly believe the difference Victor made . He is very caring and patient and explains everything in great detail so I knew exactly what was happening . I am just home from my second session still feeling so much more relaxed and still not needing painkillers, it’s amazing!”

Norma White

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Bio-Energy Healing helps with:

pain relief , anxiety relief

pain relief & accelerated recoveries of injuries (such as fractures) by speeding up the natural regeneration

psychological stress relief (balancing the left & right side of brain).

Not everything heals over night but if you are willing to put the work in of trusting & surrendering to your body’s own wisdom we can get there together.

Services on Offer:

One on one Bio-Energy Healing is a technique where I use my hands to connect with the electricity in your body, helping to correct the flow. This readjustment of the energy flow encourages the brain & body to heal more efficiently.

Consultation/single treatment £70 followed by 4 – treatment course for £240 (saving £40)

Whatsapp or Skype Physical pain management/relief Bio-Energy Healing £70 for 1 hr

WhatsApp or Skype Emotionally Supportive Bio-Energy Healing £70 for 1 hr

As many scientists of Quantum Physics are aware Energy exists beyond time and space (They call it “Quantum Entanglement”. Albert Einstein called it “Spooky action”) making it possible for me to work on your system from my house while you are in yours!

Distant Healing / Bio-Energy Healing: £70 for 1 hour

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