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The science of quantum physics says we are all connected by an energy field no matter where we are!

Wow wee distance-BioEnergy!

I’ve had Bio-energy sessions with Vic over the years but this was my first Distant Healing session. I suffer from ME/CFS and a mental illness, Vic always helps both of these. I was excited to be able to avail of Vic without having to drive to see him. But I was nervous that I might not feel anything.
I had no need to be nervous, it was amazing- I think I even felt it more than I would with an in-person session! I was out walking the dog Eddie when it was time for it and I planned to sit on a bench for the session- but I was late and could actually feel the energy changing in my legs as I walked towards the bench. I had joyous birdsong and a lovely view over Belvoir forest so it was almost a forest bath at the same time – perfect. 😁
I could feel the energy moving in different parts of my body as I assumed Vic was concentrating on different parts. There were even times when I felt the need to do big exhalations – like I was releasing the negative stuck energy.
By the time it was over I felt much lighter in my entire body and extremely happy. Eddie and I strolled home and these feelings continued for the rest of the evening. The next day I was tired but still feeling lighter in my body, in my emotions and in my mood, I still do. I definitely recommend Vic’s distance Bio-energy whatever your needs. Rosemary McNicholl

In the early part of the session I got a twinge on the left side of my rib cage moving from back to front. Then it cleared up and I felt tingling sensations through my body. Towards the end I had a clear sensation of being centered, grounded & solid. This was the first time I felt like that in a couple of months because of feeling overworked since the lock down. Thanks a lot mate. Andrew P.S: The spoken song of yours you sent me afterwards really added to the effect.

Started crying out of nowhere at the beginning which felt so relieving & I felt sensations throughout. Then to top it off with perfect timing you sent me your spoken song about us all rising above this crazy time we’re all going through which from a place of hope & gratitude gave me more of an emotional release. Thank you so much Victor, I’ll be back for more! Jenny

Thank you so much Victor! I don’t know how you did it from your house but I could feel my sore throat & anxiety easing more as time went on! I slept like a baby that night for the first time in months. Your spoken song “With Love” blew me away too! Nice touch. Thank you mate. It’s nice to know you’re there if I need you. Steven

Eases Pain, relieves anxiety, calms panic attacks,

Speeds up recovery of injuries (such as fractures) by speeding up the natural regeneration

Relieves psychological stress (balancing the left & right side of brain).

Not everything heals over night but if you are willing to put the work in of trusting & surrendering to your body’s own wisdom we can get there together.

Services on Offer:

One on one Bio-Energy healing (due to coronavirus we will work in the sitting room in the front of the house that has more space. Sanitize your hands before arrival. I will be wearing a mask. If you live with vulnerable people please refrain from booking as appointment until their health improves) where I use a series of hand techniques on the bio-energy field an inch outside the body.

Verbal one on one emotional Bio-Energy healing on whatsapp/facebook/ skype

Verbal one on one physical pain relief Bio-Energy techniques online on whatsapp/facebook/skype.

Distant one on one Bio-Energy Healing (As many scientists of Quantum Mechanics are aware energy exists beyond time and space making it possible for me to work on your system from my house while you are in yours!).

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