Strengthen the Immune System Naturally


Eases Pain, relieves anxiety, calms panic attacks,

Speeds up recovery of injuries (such as fractures) by speeding up the natural regeneration

Relieves psychological stress (balancing the left & right side of brain).

Not everything heals over night but if you are willing to put the work in of trusting & surrendering to your body’s own wisdom we can get there together.

Services on Offer:

One on one Bio-Energy healing (postponed while in lockdown for coronavirus)where I use a series of hand techniques on the bio-energy field an inch outside the body.

Verbal one on one emotional Bio-Energy healing on whatsapp/facebook/ skype

Verbal one on one physical pain relief Bio-Energy techniques online on whatsapp/facebook/skype.

Distant one on one Bio-Energy Healing (As many scientists of Quantum Mechanics are aware energy exists beyond time and space making it possible for me to work on your system from my house while you are in yours!).

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